Meet Annette

Whenever someone says the word “hike” what comes to mind? Maybe boring, trek, long walk, blisters or sweating.  Whatever comes to mind, the steps and adventures shared here are sure to magnify your perception of the outdoors.

It isn’t just a place where you get mosquito bites.
It isn’t just a place where you get dirt under your nails.

It’s natural and beautiful. The only way to get there is to go “Beyond Limits on Foot”.  The limit of the parking lot of the trailhead or crossing a freezing river.  Never passing beyond limits won’t get you to serenity and tranquility in this untouched world.

I’ve become very fond of the outdoors since I was a child; only recently in the past decade have I discovered much more out there.  I didn’t used to hike or backpack more than once or twice most of my life.  I had to make it my life and did so.  Name’s Annette, but most call me Ani.  Check out my babbling on where my feet have taken me.

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