Week 3 – 1000 Miles Challenge

Week 3 was tough, I was able to get in two runs this past week.  Unfortunately I caught a bad cold and decided that I would take the weekend off and rest.  Today is a start to a new week; I am feeling much better and can’t wait to get some higher mileage in.  OneContinue reading “Week 3 – 1000 Miles Challenge”

Week 2 – 1000 Miles Challenge

During Week 1 of the challenge, I was struggling and recovering from our 5 days of snowboarding. In return, I put in absolutely no mileage. Week 2 was almost a success reaching a mileage of 15.68. The average daily during this week only ended up being 2.24 miles per day because we went snowboarding thisContinue reading “Week 2 – 1000 Miles Challenge”