My Picks – April 2016

  1. Osprey Kestrel 32 National Park Service Pack

>> >>the pack that celebrates the National Park Service’s 100-year anniversary. This is one of many sales of exclusive packs that will aid the National Park Foundation’s mission.

Osprey Centennial

In November of last year, Osprey Packs because an official partner to the National Park Foundation to celebrate the National Park Service’s 100th year. Osprey has pledged a minimum of $25,000 donation through the sales of these packs. This Pack is exclusively sold at REI and the National Park Foundation.

Read more here on the partnership on Outdoor Industry Association.

>>$$149.95 – @REI

Click here to read more on specs or take advantage and buy. Check out National Park Foundation’s website here.

  1.  GU Energy Chews

>> >>that thing you eat on the trail when you need a boost of energy.

GU Energy Chews

I never really used to take any electrolytes or certain drinks that give energy until I climbed Mt. Whitney last year. Beginning at 3am in the morning obviously takes a toll especially when you get passed 6 miles. Your stomach begins to swirrel and tells you it needs something, your muscles begin to tense up and fatigue. Just after our 9th or 10th mile we decided to take some of the chews.

I can’t say I felt anything instantaneously, but I can say that I was able to keep going with little stops along the way to the top. It definitely gave me a boost of energy. I again took these chews to the Austrian Alps when we went snowshoeing for the first time. Again fatigue was minimal and I felt energized throughout the 8km trip to the hut.

Something for me to remember is that I should take these chews on even my day hiking trips in the mountains or even try these on days where I play beach volleyball all day at tournaments and/or for fun, possibly when I try my first marathon too.

Ever feel like you don’t have energy to finish something? Try these Energy Chews. They have many other energy products available. Read here on more of their products. I will try the tabs on future hikes and report back. I am attempting C2C in one day on May 8th and will take a couple of these along with me.

>>$$1.30 – @REI

>>$$30.00 – @GuEnergy

  1. evrgrn Grounded Cushion

>> >>that small pack that you take camping or to the beach because it’ll be comfortable to sit on and it has 2 hidden slots for that Coors Light (in my case) you’ve been wanting to have.

evrgrn Grounded Cushion

There are a number of times where we hike to a lake or we are at the beach and you don’t want to carry your chair everywhere. This is the perfect item that can keep you comfortable and you can bring a couple drinks with you along the way.

Check out evrgrn here. Their 24 pack backpack cooler is also on sale now:

>>$$11.93 – @REI *It’s 60% off (normally $30.00)

#BetterOutHere #evrgrn

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