Thanksgiving for trips…

Every year since we were about 12, we have gone on a trip for Thanksgiving. We would pack our water proof bags and go on a journey to the Colorado River, in which we spent four days. No, we didn’t spend four days reading Harry Potter on the shores of the Colorado River, we spent four days canoeing down the river or up the river, moving our camps like nomads.

This year was exceptional for me, because not only have I not been on this trip for more than 4 years, but we didn’t get into the water at all. It was freezing and not just the water obviously. We spent the whole time with chattering teeth from the crazy winds. Enough about those things that don’t matter when you are on trips like this one.

Each day we would canoe several miles down the river. During this time, we would loaf with the other canoes and have some mate, a strong drink (tea) from Argentina. This was extremely soothing because it was cold and windy the whole time. While loafing we made sails with tarps and space blankets that we had. With the wind going toward our backs we were able to move much swifter and quicker in the water without having to paddle.

Before dinner, we would go on a hike to the highest point in the area- taking in each moment of sunsets and scenery around. When night fell we sang songs and told jokes by the fire. Out there a must do was to watch the million stars in the sky which you are unable to see if you live in the city of lights, Los Angeles.

If you live near the Colorado River, canoeing/kayaking is an obvious trip that should be made. The landscape and scenery is beautiful by day and the sky is bewitching by night.


P.S. Another adventure you can experience is depicted in the following video…

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