The Big Surprise

FINALLY! after three days of moving, we embarked on a journey that was unforgettable; we went to Zurich. We couldn’t bear the excitement of going to see our sister. SHE HAD NO IDEA! We succeeded in surprising her; the hardest part was keeping the trip completely to ourselves until “the big surprise”.

We arrived an hour early, went for an espresso (a Swiss espresso is much stronger than what we are Americans are used to). The time had come; a friend made sure that our sister was in the office. Giggling and laughing, we felt ecstatic to pull-off the greatest present of all: “the big surprise”! Got to her office and kidnapped her away for a champagne at 10 am at one of her favorite places.

Spent the day in Zurich after that with the three of us together. Prices here were very high compared to the US. We walked down the most expensive street in Zurich. Rolex watches going for 8000-10000 Swiss Francs.

Got to Lake Zurich just as the sun was peeping out through the clouds; we were unable to see the Alps though, but that sight was soon to come. Ate a Brotwurst (7 Francs) and walked through Old Town. The University life didn’t seem too hard- drinking a beer in the cafeteria or sitting on the steps that overlooks the city of Zurich, the lake and the Alps. After going through Old Town it’s a good place to see a great view of the city.

Walked along the river from Downtown Zurich to Wipkingen (kept calling it We penguin). Off one of the bridges they do river surfing; you hold on to a rope that is attached to the bridge and surf it like a wave. Note to self: try this next time I end up here.


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