Week 4 – 1000 Miles Challenge

Week 4 was a turnaround week. I killed it on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I was gong to take the day off, but my sister pushed me to run at least 3 miles. I pulled through and did the 3 miles on the treadmill, which I have no idea how because I was feeling absolutely dead and sore everywhere. I honestly think it would have been much easier outdoors because I kept looking at the mileage and the time. We made a pact that days we’re supposed to run, but are dead we would run 3 miles to keep our muscles stimulated. I was thinking about writing a blog on muscle soreness and good habits to pick up to help it. Thursday, Friday and Saturday went much easier and I took Sunday off to recover. I’ll be back on the trail on Monday with at least 3 miles.

Two weeks ago I had a goal: run 20 miles within a week; I hit that goal on Thursday! I also achieved the fastest min/mile average on Thursday afternoon when I didn’t even want to go for a run with my average being just under 11 minutes per mile. Goal this coming week is run above 25 miles for the week. Next training goal is to obtain a 10:45/min or under average per mile.

I simply have to remember that if I train hard, my hikes that I plan to do this summer and challenges will be a lot easier. Do it for the mountains! Do it for the challenges! I think I just came up with the motto for this whole 1000 Miles Challenge.

Do it for the Mountains!

This Week: 32.66 miles
Last Week: 11.03 miles
Avg min/mile: 11:39

Date Mileage Ran Total Mileage Mileage Left
1/27 5.04 59.33 940.67
1/26 6.34 54.29 945.71
1/25 4.97 47.86 952.14
1/24 3.14 42.89 957.11
1/23 6.04 39.75 960.25
1/22 7.04 33.71 966.29

Anyone else doing a challenge like this? Let me know how it is going, very interested in hearing about it. Follow more on my journey to 1,000 miles: 1000 Miles in 2018.

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