John Muir Trail: Blog

It’s been 5 years since I’ve put in for permits to go in August for the John Muir Trail. This summer I am embarking on one of the biggest challenges I have ever done in the outdoors; I will be hiking the trail. I’ve set up a John Muir Trail Page for those of you who would like to follow the whole process.

— Blog Updates —

Date Name of Blog Description
8/2/18 JMT: Day to Day Plan Some ideal plans with where we are resupplying, an update on how to locate us, a guest artist (check her out) and some gear picks for sleeping.
7/31/18 JMT: Resupply Time We sent in our resupplies, so how we are sending them in. More to come on what we put in them soon.
6/28/18 John Muir Trail: Announcement Just a quick background and announcement of when we are going to take on the trail.

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