Black Star Canyon Waterfall

Where: Black Star Canyon
Mileage: 6.6 miles
Difficulty: Medium
Recommended: Hiking shoes, gloves

It’s Sunday and we were in Anaheim, CA. We wanted to go on a hike, but had no idea where to go and after some looking around I found this hike.

We headed out on the hike at about 1:00 pm and luckily we didn’t leave later, because by the time we got back to the car it was passed sunset, but still light outside. After about a couple miles you will hit 3 big round cement pipes, at this point you’ll have to look to your right for a small hidden trail that goes down to the stream. Once you hit the stream, you will walk upstream to the left until you hit the waterfall. There’s a number of difficult spots to climb over huge boulders or grabbing on tree roots, but it is very enjoyable.

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The weather was enjoyable mostly because the trees’ shade and the fact that we were in a stream bed made the weather cooler and we never got too hot. Once we got up to the top after some fun climbs, we sat and had a quick lunch that held us over till dinnertime. We were definitely disappointed that there was no water coming down the fall, but that will just make us come back here once more.

Something to watch out for here is poison oak, just be careful where you step or grab. The way down was a lot easier, but remember where to turn right out of the stream bed was difficult. Luckily we made note of where it was, if you want to leave a flag or something to remind you, that is the best. That way you won’t get lost or go out of the way for a while.

Note: Take the right shoes, maybe gloves and be ready to do some climbs.

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