Zoodles with Ground Beef and Tomato Sauce

Food for Thought: This year, I decided to grow a little more vegetables in my garden and they are doing so well.  During my 8 day vacation my mom helped me water the garden every other day or so.  Well get this, when I came back I had a huge zucchini in my garden.  Never seenContinue reading “Zoodles with Ground Beef and Tomato Sauce”

Trail Food: Tacos at 10,000 Feet

If you’re not above 10,000 feet and haven’t hiked at least 6 miles to get there then don’t even think about making these awesome tacos! *Note: Not a lightweight meal — Trail Food Talk — No, it wasn’t Taco Tuesday when we decided that we would pack up some ingredients to make some tacos on ourContinue reading “Trail Food: Tacos at 10,000 Feet”