My Picks – February 2017

1. Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles – Women’s

> >>those goggles you buy for all weather use

I had a couple goggles over the years and it was time to get a perfect pair because I have a season pass and go snowboarding a lot. We were at Bear Mountain a couple weekends ago and were in line to get some burgers. My sister mentioned that she loved the look of goggles a gentlemen had in front of her in line. He explained to her that they were such good goggles, not only did they look cool, but they were good for so many reasons. Comfort, visibility in any type of weather, lighting and easily swappable lens.


Yes, the item is a little expensive, but you pay for your money and you’ll be able to use these for seasons to come. Make sure you take care of them and keep them in its bag case that it comes with.

Pros: Antifog coasting, comfort because of its triple-layer face foam, easily swappable because of its ridgelock lens and 100% UV protected.

For more Oakley products:

>>$$210.00 – @rei

2. REI Co-op Trek Pole Large Snowflake Baskets – Pair

>> >>that extra item you need when you are snowshoeing, especially in powder

Funny thing, I’ve had the REI Carbon Poles for 3-4 years now and have never used the snow baskets I bought for them until this past weekend when we went up the Pear Lake Ski Hut for our overnight hike and boy were they awesome.


Pros: Your summer poles can become your winter trekking poles, easy to attach by just one turn, can be used for REI and Komperdell trekking poles.

>>$$8.99 – @rei

3. SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger

>> >>that electronic item that you take on adventures so your family can follow your tracks

I’ve been inching towards getting a satellite messenger and ended up going with the SPOT GPS. My first use was last weekend on our overnight snowshoe hike. Ideally you would explain to your family/friends who you shared the link with that you won’t be checking in that often, maybe give time frames or possibly say you’ll press track when you leave, when you get to where you’re supposed to be and when you get back to the car. Any extras are just nice.


The big plus of the satellite gps is the S.O.S. button to alert authorities you are in a life-threatening situation. Or you can use the HELP that will alert your personal contacts (2 people) that you need help, but not life-threatening.

Learn more here on additional specs:

>>$$149.99 – @REI
>>Plans not included, go to to find what suits you.

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