My Picks – May 2017

1. REI Co-op Sit Pad

> >>that pad you buy in order to not sit on a hard surface on your hike

There’s been plenty of times that I have been on backpacking trips and have to either bring out my mattress from the tent or sit on my rain jacket. Even while taking a quick break on the trail it would be nice to not have to sit and squish all of your food or on that hard bear box. Pull out this sit pad and in a matter of seconds you will be able to blow it up.

The idea came from a trip out to Monarch Lakes about a year and a half ago. We had reached the lakes and saw a couple gentlemen enjoying the sun by the lake. One was sitting quite comfortably on a rock. I then saw under him was this sit pad. I forget which brand it was when I got back home, but I definitely wanted to go shopping for one and found this one.

The Sit Pad deflates and folds down into the size of a 16 oz. water bottle. Quite small for fitting it in your pack and would be perfect for those day hikes if you do not want to pack on extra weight on your backpacking trips. Although it only weighs 4.4 oz.

Available in two colors: Dark Gray and Teal Surf

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>>$$19.95 – @REI

2. Autana SKY 3 Person Roof Tepui Tent

>> >>that tent you buy so you can be on top

Not really, there are many more reasons. From what I see there is a trend going on buying these roof top tents and they aren’t cheap. But it is an investment, honestly the camping tent that we have we bought 15 years ago and still use it. So all in all even if it’s above 1500, it’s about $100 per year if you look at it like an investment.

So, what’s so cool about it?
– Being lifted off the ground gives you a different perspective of camping.
– If you have it installed, you can take the tent out for lunch and hang out in it (not that we have ever done this).
– Space, it is very spacious and it is easy to sit up in.
– Rooftop screens – you can open up the top and look at the stars from the inside of your tent.
– 4-season – take it out in the winter too

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>>$$1,850 – @tepuitents

3. ENO DryFly Rain Tarp

>> >>that rain tarp you buy as an add-on for either your tent or your hammock

There’s been a lot of trips where we take a tarp, but really those things are bulky and we’ve had them for over ten years. I decided to shop around and look for something. What’s lightweight that has a couple uses instead of just a rainfly? Then there it was the idea, I have an eno hammock. Why not buy the tarp for it and be able to use it as a rainfly as well when needed?

So I bought it. I took it on our first backpacking hike up to Pine Creek Valley area in the Eastern Sierras. It was a cold Labor day weekend and quite windy at times. So guess what we did with the tarp. We set the rain fly up as a shelter so that we can cook comfortable outside when it was quite windy. It was perfect and I am going to take it on every backpacking trip from now on. Why?

– Lightweight (22 oz)
– Can be used as a rain fly and wind breaker
– Compact and easy to fit in your pack

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>>$$79.99 – @REI
>>$$79.95 – @ENO

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