My Picks – September 2018

ENO Roadie Hammock Stand

>>that extra comfort for your road trips if you already have the ENO Hammock

Have you ever run into trouble finding trees on some of your trips to put up your hammock? I definitely have; ran into the problem while backpacking too. This is not for backpacking though; this is perfect for if you are taking a road trip or going camping!

If you don’t already have a hammock, the ENO SingleNest Hammock is a great choice. Buy it on Amazon!

Price: $149.93

*Hurry as this is on clearance and there are limited quantities.

Ultimate Survival Technologies Spright Recharge LED Lantern with Power Bank

>>that light that you can hang to keep camp lit

I currently have a very awesome blow up solar light called the MPOWERD Luci Color Lantern and my boyfriend always brings along this awesome Ultimate Survival LED Lantern. We keep the blow up light in the tent because it’s not as bring and the Lantern outside especially when we’re cooking at it has already gotten dark. What’s cool about both of these lanterns is that they are compact and easy to pack away in our packs.

What else is cool about the Ultimate Survival LED Lantern?

  • It includes a power bank, allowing you to charge your phone or electronics if needed
  • It has a hook that you can use to put it up on a tree easily and hang it
  • Has a good amount of modes including a night-light that looks like it’s glowing in the dark (my favorite feature)
  • Only weighs 4.8 oz

Price: $23.93

*Hurry as this is on clearance and there are limited quantities.

Big Agnes mtnGLO Light Accessory Kit

>>that light strand that brightens up your tent or campsite and sets a tranquil mood

I actually don’t own this, but it’s on my list of extra gadgets that I may want for my camp lighting. There are a few things that I like about the idea of having this:

  • It can be used anywhere, at home, in the tent, in the car, etc.
  • Clips come with it so it’s easy to hang and move around the lights to wherever you want
  • Is lightweight and weighs only 3 oz.

Price: $23.93

*Hurry as this is on clearance and there are limited quantities.

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