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2018 01_January Picks

January 2018 Picks

That hammock you’ve always been waiting to relax in while wearing that jacket you won’t ever take off at a National Park. Can’t get any better than that right?

Beyond Limits on Foot: 2017 Picks

Pack up some necessities for a hike. Light up your adventure and take some footage. Bring some snacks. Take a seat or lay around while you let your loved ones know your safe.
Charge your electronics while your food cooks and have a refreshing drink or two…
I’ve put together a few of my favorites from this year.  Read further for some ideas of what to buy for your next adventure or what to buy a loved one who is outdoorsy.

May 2017 Picks

What better than to get ready for that summer of fun. Sit comfortably while hiking, sleep comfortably while car camping and stay dry during that May shower.


February 2017 Picks

Winter has hit hard here in California and if you’re making your way to the snow here is some much needed gear for some of your hobbies.

Beyond Limits on Foot Outdoor Gear Guide – My 25 Top Picks

Are you stuck trying to figure out that gift for your better half, your friend or your family member who loves those outdoor things like camping, hiking or backpacking? Beyond Limits on Foot Outdoor Gear Guide will help with those lines that you hate standing in. Instead, put those feet up, crack that cork and pour yourself a glass of wine while you shop for your loved ones.


November 2016 Picks

Going backpacking, hitting the slopes at all this winter? Be sure to have these 3 items. Have a little comfort, keep yourself warm and keep yourself safe.


October 2016 Picks

Wear it, carry it and use it. Whether it’s a day hike or a backpacking trip these items are must haves in your gear inventory.


September 2016 Picks

Do you want some extra comfort on your next backpacking trip? Sleep well, eat well and drink a wonderful cup of coffee.

2016 04_April Picks

April 2016 Picks

Something to support, something to eat and something to sit comfortably on. What more can you ask for this month.


January 2016

It’s been a while, but here are some things that have caught my eye in the past few months!

07 July Picks

July 2015 Picks

Just a couple things that I bought for my adventures.

May Picks

May 2015 Picks

A few choices that kept catching my eye for the next buy.

April Pick

April 2015 Picks

My first attempt at some picks that I recommend for an outdoor adventure.

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