Paradise Falls

Where: Wildwood Regional Park
Mileage: 4.75 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Recommended: Lots of water,
good shoes, swim suit,

We didn’t actually start this hike from the trailhead, but about a mile and half off from a house. After less than a half hour we hit the trailhead and had pretty spectacular views. This hike is in Thousand Oaks and since I went on this hike I noticed that people didn’t even know it was in their backyard. I recommend this hike, you can do shorter, longer, harder, etc. It’s really up to you what kind of workout you would like.

Most of the hike on the way in was downhill until you hit a few forks in the road, follow the signs to paradise falls. Luckily there were not that many people, but I hear from the grapevine that it is always completely full. We arrived and people were jumping off the rocks, so I decided to make my way over and jump myself. It is pretty hard to get up to the top; a lot of scrambling and rock climbing. But once you get up, there is no way down except to jump.

After jumping we hung out for a little and took the longer way back to the house. To the east there is a rocky hill that we climbed and came out on the other side of the hill that we came next to on the way in. This part of the hike was a smaller trail, but also had spectacular views 360 degrees. There was an abundant amount of cactus and no signs of wildlife (though in the summer, it’s rattlesnake season, so be very careful).

Here’s my jump:

Finally reached the end and the whole way through we had a nice breeze flowing into our faces; never got too hot, which was nice because usually in the valley it is really hot.

Note to self: Wear hiking shoes.

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