Trail Food: To-Go Wrap

Making a wrap is one of my most favorite things to do these days for one-night backpacking trips or day hikes; you can even make this for work any day – I do, at least once a week.
*Note: Not a lightweight meal, but so nice to have something fresh

— Trail Food Talk —

I found that just taking jerky and snacks doesn’t hit the spot as much as something fresh made at home! Usually the weight matters, but on a day hike and on a one-night backpacking trip, a little extra weight to get something more nutritious and “yummy” hits the spot every time. I only started making these wraps about a year ago when we went on a quick over-night backpacking trip to Long Lake (I have still yet to write about this hike, so behind).

You can obviously change around whatever you would like in the wrap, but nothing other than tomatoes (isn’t too bad) get soggy. I have even had the rest of a wrap for breakfast the next morning. It’s all about the food on the trail and the more we go, the better we are getting with our one-night trips at figuring out fun ways to make the food better or taking actual fresh food. Either way if you have a minute, check out my Trail Food: Grub Ideas for the Trail page for more items that I like to take on our backpacking/hiking trips.

Check Them Out: I started reading around a lot more about recipes on the trail. Here are some of my favorite websites to read.

Hope you enjoyed those reads if you clicked on them. Alright, time to get this recipe wrapped.

— Recipe —

Serves 1
For the Wrap
1 large spinach tortilla (Mission Wraps Garden Spinach Herb Tortillas)
4 tomato slices halved
4 cucumber slices halved
Slices of red onion to your taste
Handful of spinach or any salad (I like to use mixed greens)
Slices of yellow hot wax pepper
Turkey/Chicken Meat
Pepper Jack Cheese
Spicy Mayo (Lee Kum Kee Lkk Sriracha Mayo)
Jalapeno Mustard or Regular Mustard (Silver Springs Mustard Jalapeno)
1 piece of foil

— Prepare at Home —

Easiest way to have the least dishes on the trail is to make the wrap at home and put in the fridge. It will be very fresh even for lunch and potentially the next day still.

  1. Place down a larger piece of foil on the counter (bigger than the tortilla)
  2. Place the tortilla on the foil
  3. Add your choice of condiments, in this case I use Spicy Mayo and Jalapeno Mustard. If I have no jalapeno mustard I will just use regular mustard (just as tasty)
  4. Add a handful of mixed greens
  5. Add tomato, cucumber, onion and yellow wax hot pepper
  6. Add some extra condiments if you like your sauces
  7. Add chicken/turkey breast
  8. Add sliced pepper jack halved to fit the height of the tortilla
  9. Roll the tortilla and then roll the foil around it

Your wrap is ready to go (refrigerate if you make the night before you leave or put in cooler).

— Prepare on the Trail —

Nothing, just eat it when you feel like it!

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3 thoughts on “Trail Food: To-Go Wrap

  1. Wrap is one of the greatest way to feel you like you are eating real food on trail.I love burritos on and off the trail, so this is a staple in my pack. If you can get a hold of some dehydrated re fried beans, that is ideal.

    1. I love burritos too! I will have to make sure I get some refried beans in my box of backpacking goodies.

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