VENTURE 4TH Ultralight Sleeping Pad Review

Where I Used It

The past couple of weekends I had the pleasure of taking a new VENTURE 4TH Ultralight Sleeping Pad to test out on my backpacking trips.

Usually on these quick one night backpacking trips I only take my Thermarest Z-Lite pad, but though hey what better than to try to double up with a sleeping pad like this.

The last two trips I took it on was North Fork Big Pine Lakes, 5.7 miles and Ruby Lake 2.6 miles.  Both camps were above 10,000 feet, however this mattress was not as rough to blow up in elevation.  One of the biggest problems with these ultralight blow up mattresses is when in elevation it takes so much energy!  In contrast to others I’ve had this mattress didn’t take all my energy and only took about 10 seconds.  YES!!!

One more thing before I get into the Pros and Cons, I used it in the back of my Subaru to sleep on as well and my was that comfortable!


  • Lightweight
  • Comfy design
  • Easy to pack
  • Usable even for car camping
  • Doesn’t make noise when you move around on it at night
  • Doesn’t inflate during the night


  • The bag is too big for the mat (if you are backpacking just ditch the bag)


Weight: 1 lb.

Size: 73.6 x 21.6 inches and 2 inches thick

Colors available: Dark Blue, Dark Green, Gray, Light Blue

Where to buy


Venture 4th Website


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