Week 15 – 1000 Mile Challenge

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Do it for the Mountains!

Another week in the books. This was a different kind of week, because we had a pretty long backpacking trip planned for the weekend. Monday was my dad’s birthday and since he is still in a care center after his accident, I wanted to go visit him right away after work. I flew back to LA on an early morning flight this day, so I was too exhausted to go running. Seems like travel is getting in the way of my running. Spent Monday with him and Tuesday and Wednesday were my only runs.

Thursday night my sister and I ran errands after work; especially picked up some food for the backpacking trip. Friday I ended up playing beach volleyball, so another zero day came upon me. As for the weekend, this was definitely not a easy hike and we ended up doing almost 28 miles total. We went to Sequoia National Park, from Giant Museum (since road to Crescent Meadow was closed still) almost all the way to Bearpaw Meadow until we found a campsite that was perfect. So yes, I only ran 7 miles, but I hiked 28. This upped my total hiking for the year to 41; still have 259 miles of just hiking to go. That’s just another goal of mine. Should be able to hit it with all the trips I have planned this summer. I’ll have the write-up soon for this past weekends backpacking trip.

Fun fact: I should be sitting at 287.67 as of 4/15. I’m not too worried, I feel as though the stronger I get the more I’ll be able to put in weekly and it is still just mid-April. Still hope to hit that 100 miles for the month; got to push hard.

This Week: 7.92 miles
Last Week: 17.37 miles
Avg min/mile: 11:06
Miles Left: 803.54 miles

Date Mileage Ran Total Mileage Mileage Left
4/11 4.62 196.46 803.54
4/10 3.3 191.84 808.16

Anyone else doing a challenge like this? Let me know how it is going, very interested in hearing about it. Follow more on my journey to 1,000 miles: 1000 Miles in 2018.

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