Week 16 – 1000 Mile Challenge

Do it for the Mountains!

Another low mileage week, but did get two pretty good 6 mile runs in at the gym this past week. I took Monday and Tuesday off because I was so sore from the 25 mile backpacking trip we did the weekend before. Friday night I ended up playing volleyball for a few hours and Saturday same thing played from 8:30am to 4:00pm. Both runs were very tough because my shins and calves were on fire from the hike.

I did however pass the 200 mile marker. It took me way too long to do the 2nd 200 miles. My first 100 miles I finished on Day 40. The second 100 miles I finished in 69 days. I would have to say a good goal at this point for the third 100 miles would be to get it within 30 days. Might be overkill, but we’ll see. Bring it on.

Mileage I should be at for the year as of 4/22 is 306.85; I’m almost 100 miles behind where I should be sitting at. Well then time to get running; I’ll have to add some double days in if I’m going to make this happen.

This Week: 12.81 miles
Last Week: 7.92 miles
Avg min/mile: 12:26
Miles Left: 790.73 miles

Date Mileage Ran Total Mileage Mileage Left
4/19 6.6 209.27 790.73
4/18 6.21 202.67 797.33

Anyone else doing a challenge like this? Let me know how it is going, very interested in hearing about it. Follow more on my journey to 1,000 miles: 1000 Miles in 2018.

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