Week 17 – 1000 Mile Challenge

Do it for the mountains!

Another week in the books; as most of you know who have been following I am trying to hit 1,000 miles of running and this doesn’t include the hiking on the weekends or biking to the beach to play volleyball. It’s a challenge that I hope to hit and in the meantime brings me back to the shape I was in 3 years ago. I know it takes time and let myself go too much, but I am 100% ready to take on this tough challenge. My body got very tired last week after those 3 days, how in the world did I used to do this. Takes time and one day at a time will help!

I pushed hard this week and decided that I have to hit 21 miles no matter what per week. I had 3 days to run this week was a push week as I didn’t have many days to finish 21 miles. I pushed by going to the gym at lunch 2 days to get an extra 6+ miles in. It was actually really nice and reminded me that I used to go to the gym at lunch all the time for that kind of run. I will continue to do some lunch runs; it’s a nice break from sitting at a desk all day.

I mentioned last week when I hit 200 miles that I was hoping to hit then next 100 miles within 30 days. That is still a goal of mine and is very reachable. I am sitting at 34.98 miles in 14 days; in the next 16 days I hope to hit 65 miles to get to my goal. This requires me to run a little over 4 miles per day and since days off are needed and recommended, the lunchtime runs will help me meet this goal. I’ll update you guys on that progress next week.

1. Hit 25 miles on Week 18
2. Hit 100 miles in May
3. Run 3 times during lunch this week
4. Get a weekend run in since I’m home, maybe both days

This Week: 22.17 miles
Last Week: 12.81 miles
Avg min/mile: 11:29
Miles Left: 768.56 miles

Date Mileage Ran Total Mileage Mileage Left
4/26 6.63 231.44 768.56
4/25 5 224.81 775.19
4/25 3.4 219.81 780.19
4/24 4.03 216.41 783.59
4/24 3.11 212.38 787.62

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