Week 20 – 1000 Mile Challenge

— Thoughts on Week —

Last week again I was sore because we did a 22.4 mile backpacking trip up in the local mountains. I wrote up a quick guide of the hike this week that’s why my Week 20 Update is just going up today. Read about our hike here: Moymer Creek Trail – Falls Creek Trail Loop: San Gorgonio Wilderness.

I could barely walk on Monday, so I took the day off. Still Tuesday I could barely walk, but made myself get mileage in. Being still sore on Thursday I decided to take a little break for a few days and plus i got sick over the weekend. All in all, I still was able to hit just above 18 miles, still under my 21+ mile goal for the week. The challenge has been proven difficult for me so far, but I still feel as though I can complete this challenge!

— Need New Shoes —

My Asics are on their life end, I need new shoes. Looking to you guys for advice. What shoes should I get to run the next 700 miles?

— 100 Miles in 30 Days —

I hit the 200 miles marker on day 108. On that day i decided to challenge myself to get to 100 miles in 30 days. On day 137, 1 day before the 30 days were up I hit the 100 miles. See my Daily Log Page for my 1000 Miles Challenge in 2018. I found it hard because I took a lot of zero days; I must try to at least get a couple miles in instead of zero days in order to keep myself moving.

— Goals Last Week —

1. Hit 30 miles on Week 20 – this definitely did not happen. I should try to get more 30 mile weeks, but it’s hard when I have stuff planned on the weekends
2. Hit 100 miles in May – Still on track for this. I have 62.21 for May so far
3. Get two double days in – Only got 1 double day in
4. Run once on the weekend – I caught a cold on the weekend, so decided to rest

— Goals This Week —

This is a tough one because of the labor day weekend and we go camping. Friday-Monday are shot and will probably be either just hiking and fishing days.
1. Hit 21+ miles on Week 21
2. Hit 100 miles in May
3. Get one double day in

— Stats —

This Week: 30.57 miles
Last Week: 18.39 miles
Avg min/mile: 12:14
Miles Left: 699.74 miles

Date Mileage Ran Total Mileage Mileage Left
5/17 3..12 300.26 699.74
5/16 5.12 297.14 702.86
5/16 2.75 292.02 707.98
5/15 7.4 289.27 710.73

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