Eaton Canyon Waterfall

Where: Angeles National Forest
Mileage: 3.67 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Recommended: towel

To get to the trailhead: Eaton Canyon is in the Angeles National Forest. It is very easy to get to the area and to find parking. You have two options for parking: Nature Center parking lot or Pinecrest and hiking north from the bridge. I suggest parking on Pinecrest as there were not many cars there. To get to the Pinecrest gate, go north on Altadena Drive, turn right on Crescent, then right again on Pinecrest.

Eaton Canyon Waterfall hike: A easy, weekend hike that still can satisfy your hiking desires as at the mid-point of the trail you hit the 50-feet tall, Eaton Canyon Waterfall. There was plenty of water when we took the path up. Knowing that LA is dry, this water fall still has water year-round. Obviously in the dry season (summer) there is very little amount of water, but there still is water!

There will be several stream crossings to and from the falls as this is not a loop. You can decide to jump from rock to rock and work on your balance or the other option is to just walk through the water, shoes on, as did one of my friends I went with on the hike. Power to her! During the winter, plan on getting wet because it is much more difficult to cross the stream bed.

Note to self: Bring shoes that you don’t mind getting wet, or wear shoes that grip the rocks. Slippery when wet!

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