Zuma Canyon to Newton Falls

Where: Malibu Canyon
Mileage: 3.20 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Recommended: Pants

We didn’t know what to expect on this hike and ended up turning back early. To get to the trailhead was very easy. You can take 101 or the coast. We decided to take the coast since it was a sunny day in paradise. Off of Pacific Coast Highway make a right onto Bonsall Drive. Once you hit Kanan-Dume Road it is barely a mile till Bonsall. Take this street all the way to a dirt parking area. Trailhead is there.

We began our trek out in the open for the first 20 minutes; no signs of water until then. After passing some horse riders we entered the into the shady area of the hike surrounded by trees and huge boulders, tiptoeing across the creek and getting scraped by brush that has overgrown to make the trail hard to find. After scrambling around, we reached a point where we could not find the trail anymore. Make sure that when you come you wear pants because of the overgrown brush and poison oak that is in the surrounding areas of the trail.

Once we finished lunch we turned around and once we hit the open air again we decided to finish the short hike with a trail run.

Note to self: Get a map of the trail before going on this trail again and wear pants.

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