February & March – 1000 Miles Challenge

Do it for the Mountains!

The reason I didn’t post during the past couple months were because they weren’t very deserving weeks to update. We had lots of trips, I got sick a couple times and lazy could have been a factor. It’s actually hard to admit it, but definitely have to make myself accountable for not holding to my goal the past two months. I also decided that if I keep my weekly updates going on here, I will probably be more likely to push myself to catch up and be on target with my goal this year. I’m only at a total of 171.17 and should be sitting at 249.32 miles as of 3/31. It’s time to get in at least 21.25 miles per week to get to 1,000 this year.

In February we ended up going to Denver. On our way back we had a layover in Las Vegas and missed our flight. Of course the only free flight back would be Tuesday morning; we couldn’t do that so we had a couple options to talk over. Mind you it was already 10:00pm at this point on Sunday and we had work the next day. One option was to rent a car and drive home, but at this point I was way too tired to do that. Another option was to buy the next flight out in the morning. Unfortunately both were costly and we decided to go with the next flight out which would put us back to LA later on Monday. After “sleeping” in the airport, once we finally got home we crashed out almost the rest of the day. Monday working out was shot. I shot away the next two days, which I should have just done a short run to get back into it. I was still able to get at least 13 miles in before our week long vacation started.

Later that February we went on vacation with our sister who was visiting from Switzerland. We drove from LA to Utah and Wyoming for some snowboarding. We hit Snowbird right after a storm (wasn’t planning on that), Jackson Resort and Grand Targhee. Quite amazing mountains out there; needless to say I ran when we got back on Sunday a whole whopping 3.75 miles. I guess that’s better than nothing, but we did snowboard all week. Week 9 went much better: Something different this week, was I woke up and ran 3 miles before work one day. This might be the new potentially favorite portion of this 1,000 mile journey, I could get used to working out in the mornings again. Week 10-12 were tough weeks, because my dad got into a car accident. Spent some time at the hospital and now he is healing well and was moved to a nursing home for physical therapy and care that he needs. So happy he is ok! Some thoughts: I still have yet to hit another trail or area, maybe next week a goal can be to run somewhere else! In the next coming weeks, I hope to push a little harder, to catch up to the mileage I should be at for the year. As of Sunday, March 4 I should be sitting at 173 miles total for the year. I did go hiking for the first time this year finally, 13.7 miles that is! It was pretty awesome because we did it after a snowstorm here in the local LA mountains; That’s why I added the picture to my feature image! I can’t believe I waited till March. Here’s to catching up and staying focused!!!

Goals in the next coming weeks:

1. Catching up to mileage I should be at
2. 26 miles running – since I didn’t hit this the last 3 weeks
3. 3 extra runs during lunch time
4. Run somewhere new!


Week 13: 8.4 miles
Week 12: 16.02 miles
Week 11: 9.5 miles
Week 10: 4.2 miles
Week 9: 15.63 miles
Week 8: 3.75 miles
Week 7: 13.14 miles
Week 6: 22.95 miles

Date Mileage Ran Total Mileage Mileage Left
3/27 8.4 171.17 828.83
3/25 5.15 162.77 837.23
3/24 5.1 157.62 842.38
3/19 5.77 152.52 847.48
3/18 4.15 146.75 853.25
3/17 5.35 142.6 857.4
3/7 4.2 137.25 862.75
3/1 6.21 133.05 866.95
2/28 3.07 126.84 873.16
2/27 6.35 123.77 876.23
2/25 3.75 117.42 882.58
2/16 8.01 113.67 886.33
2/15 5.13 105.66 894.34

Anyone else doing a challenge like this? Let me know how it is going, very interested in hearing about it. Follow more on my journey to 1,000 miles: 1000 Miles in 2018.

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