February & March – 1000 Miles Challenge

These two months were difficult to keep up with the 1000 Mile Running Challenge. Though, I am confident I will do much better the next coming months. I am going to bring back resistance into my regimen to help support the lengthy runs!

Week 6 – 1000 Miles Challenge

Do it for the Mountains! Week 6 was also a challenge, but I did get 22.95 miles in. Unfortunately I did not hit one of my goals for the week and that was to hit 25 miles. I did get past the 100 mile milestone; let’s see how long it takes to get to theContinue reading “Week 6 – 1000 Miles Challenge”

Week 4 – 1000 Miles Challenge

Week 4 was a turnaround week. I killed it on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I was gong to take the day off, but my sister pushed me to run at least 3 miles. I pulled through and did the 3 miles on the treadmill, which I have no idea how because I was feeling absolutelyContinue reading “Week 4 – 1000 Miles Challenge”