Week 5 – 1000 Miles Challenge

Do it for the Mountains!

Week 5 didn’t go as well, but at least I still got 3 days of running in.  I’m not feeling as sore all the time like the 4 first weeks.  2 of my runs were in the gym and 1 one outside.  I actually like my Friday runs outside, feels so nice.  It was one of those mist days where it was coming in fast and I actually like those days because you’re so hot from running.

I didn’t quite hit 20 miles last week, but I will make up for that during week 6 I promised myself.  I also still have yet to get an average under 11 minutes per mile for the week.  Maybe next week – we’ll see; on the longer runs I like to take it slow in the beginning so I can last.  I was able to beat my average minutes per mile over last week. I’d like to keep that up through the entire year.

Goals next week:
1. Pass 100 Miles total
2. 25 miles running
3. 3 runs outdoors

This Week: 18.25 miles
Last Week: 32.66 miles
Avg min/mile: 11:20
Miles Left: 922.42

Date Mileage Ran Total Mileage Mileage Left
2/2 6.65 77.58 922.42
1/31 5.5 70.93 929.07
1/30 6.1 65.43 934.57

Anyone else doing a challenge like this? Let me know how it is going, very interested in hearing about it. Follow more on my journey to 1,000 miles: 1000 Miles in 2018.

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