Hochleckenhaus via Klienklause: Austrian Alps

6:30 pm.  hits and we still decide to climb up to Hochleckenhaus (1572 meters). In the beginning we stood next to a picturesque lake. The first part of this hike was fairly easy for only 15 minutes. Then the challenge was on; going through steep parts over tree roots, rock slide areas, hiking through snow and even in the dark (because of the late start).

We began at a small lake and ascended almost 3000 feet. The ascent was tough, but all around the beauty of the surroundings is inexplicable. Here are some photos of the way up.

Once the sun started to set is when we had to go up the steepest part of the mountain where it happened to still have snow. We weren’t quite ready for the snowy parts, but still had an adventure trekking upwards to the hut. Once we finally hit the top after some sliding downwards, the sun had almost gone completely down and we could see the hut on the other side of the mountain (luckily we could take the ridge there).

Had a nice soup and some beers before we went to sleep. Woke up in the morning only to see what a beautiful view we had. The way down was a lot quicker and there were so many people arriving at the hut already at 9 am (meaning they started up the mountain early).

Note to self: wear the right shoes for a hike like this.

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