My Picks – January 2016

  1. Katadyn Vario Water Filter

>> >>the water filter you buy because you’re jealous how much faster and easier and cleaner your friend’s filter was on a backpacking trip. We’ve had our filter for over 10 years and it seemed like the time, the time to get something new and more efficient.

Katadyn Water Filter

In September, we took a trip up to Mt. Whitney with a friend of ours from Volleyball. I was sitting next to him on a rock on the side of a creek, pumping, pumping and pumping. He was done with 3L of water before I was only done with 1L of mine. I don’t even think I finished 1L. Ha. Of course at that point, I was like where are you going with that thing. Bring it right back.

I can tell you one thing that it was definitely easier right away. The lever mode seemed more efficient than the push and pull. It’s what won me over and well of course I bought this to use for our trips to come. Also, on of the best part of all this is that it attaches to a 63mm wide-mouth bottle. Many Nalgene bottles fit this description. Of course it has many more specs that make it a very desirable item.

>>$$95.94 – @REI

>>$$95.94 – @Katadyn

Click here to read more on specs or take advantage and buy.

Read more on They have many more products that who knows I may even get my hands on one day!

2.  Jetboil Zip Cooking System

> >>one of those cooking systems you buy because your friend had. Well of course not just because of that, there are many reason to buy this guy. I’ve had it for more than a year now and I take it everywhere. I of course don’t have the best version of the jetboils, but this’ll take care of me for now. Until I want more and better, ha!


One of my hiking buddies and I usually only go backpacking once or twice a year. We have this thing going on where we show off our newest gear on our trips. Well, this was one he beat me to. He actually owns the Titanium Cup, which obviously boils everything just a little faster than mine. But either way after that trip, I looked into a replacement of my burner I owned since my childhood. Guess it was time to upgrade my gear to this Jetboil Zip Cooking System.

As far as I remember, I bought it for almost $100. I would recommend Jetboil any day, it takes half the time to warm up anything you need.

Did you ever want that hot tea so much that you just can’t wait for it out in the wilderness? Well, don’t wait any longer than you have to, by finding your favorite Jetboil.

>>$$79.95 – @REI

>>$$79.95 – @Jetboil

Click here to read more here on specs on product I bought.

  1. Stanley Stainless-Steel Shot Glass Set

> >>the gift you get on your birthday when your sister notices you thought it was cool while leaving REI to buy a present for a close friend. Yes, my sister listened and definitely showed up with it as my birthday present this December.

Shot Glasses

My sister and I were standing in the line at REI after looking for a gift for a friend. Of course REI puts these little things at the end, so I can play with them and check them out and possibly remark – haha that would’ve been cool to take when we summited Mt. Whitney – though we took care of it by taking 3 beers up, but this would have saved some weight. Either way, apparently my remark stuck with my sister and this gift showed up in my hands on our birthday just 3 days later!

I haven’t used it yet, but I’m looking forward to taking it as a surprise on one of our hiking trips, possibly pouring in some Pálinka. Well worth it to own one of these to have a celebration shot or something at the top of any mountain you decide to climb.

Check out some more products at Stanley – around since 1913.

>>$$35.00 – @Stanley *buy the Adventure Steel Shots + Flask Gift Set

>>$20.00 – @ REI *just the Steel Shot Glass Set

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