Inspiration Point to Guffy Campground – Pacific Crest Trail

Where: San Gabriel Mountains
Mileage: 10.2 miles
Difficulty: Moderate to Easy
Elevation gain: 840 feet
Recommended: lunch for day trip, lots of water


To get to the trailhead: From Wrightwood, take Hwy 2 westbound. Pass Big Pines and park at the Inspiration Point parking area; it will be on the right side. The trailhead is across the street and well-marked.

Don’t forget to place a National Forest Adventure Pass on your rear view mirror.

It wasn’t my plan to do this hike, but ended up here after checking out two other trail heads. The road to the other two were for a 4 wheel drive car. That didn’t stop me from finding a hike to go on.Inspiration 05

It was in the mid-50s at 1030 when I began hiking towards Guffy Campground on the Pacific Crest Trail. The trail crossed behind Mountain High Resort. Most of the trail goes beside a dirt road that that takes you to Guffy Campground. I ran into a number of cars, but one for instance there was a gentlemen completely dressed in camouflage. He questioned me to ask if I had seen anything on the trail I was coming on. At this point I realized that he was actually hunting. I didn’t see anything but a couple birds on the trail I said. I didn’t think anything of it, till after I finished the hike. I was apparently hiking in a hunting zone, there were other people hiking too. I would recommend wearing something bright or orange if you get into an area where hunting is allowed.

After crossing the road I continued on the trail. The trail ended up a Blue Ridge Campground where there were several families starting to pack up from a weekend camp. As I continued on the PCT the trail crossed over the top of Mt. High’s east-side of the resort along the Blue Ridge. Along this part of the trail there are beautiful views of the San Gabriel Mountains all around me.

After a short decent, I hit Guffy Campground. Guffy was surprisingly full with quite the views of the surround valley. Guffy is one of those sites, that unless you hiked right by it, you wouldn’t really know it’s there. Found a fallen tree trunk to settle on for a bit to have lunch and a refreshing drink. My time was running short, so quickly I packed up and ran most of the way back to my car.

Inspiration 03

Close to the trail head, as I looked to the parking lot, I saw that their were a couple of cops near the trial head where the cars were parked. My car was there, but not in good condition. I found my passenger side window bashed in completely. I hoped that it was just a bear, but noticed there were some other cars it happened to as well. Unfortunately anywhere you go, you have to keep an eye out what you keep visible in your car when leaving it. My purse was stolen and fortunately, since I take my picture ID and some sort of form of money on every single one of my hikes – I was able to get home safe with a little dent in my pocket book.

Note to self: Do not leave purse in the front seat of my car ever,  even if you are in a hurry or in the city or parked at home!!!

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