My Picks – July 2015

  1. NO SingleNest Hammock

>> >>the hammock you buy to enjoy the outdoors from a different perspective. Almost every time we go backpacking we’re usually sitting and laying on the ground. Floor = uncomfortable & dirty. Buy this hammock and avoid that. You can use it at home, camping or on the road at any time.

I happened to find myself visiting REI and of course I couldn’t help it, I ended up buying this hammock with the suspension straps. It worked out lovely, I would then take it on our Oregon trip. It’s so compact and only weighs 1 lb. 2 oz.

Eno Hammock

I set it up for the first time during our time at Steelhead Falls. It fit perfectly between two trees and I was able to relax on the hammock after cliff jumping while listening to the roaring falls below. I cannot wait to take it on my next backpacking trip.

>>$$59.95 – @REI

Click here to read more on specs or buy.

>>ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension $$29.95 – @REI

  1.  Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Recharging Kit

>> >>the solar kit you buy to recharge your camera, your phone, etc. The past couple backpacking trips I went on my camera had died and I had no extra batteries with me. I bought this to avoid this from happening again. There are many other Solar Recharging Kits out there, but this one allows one to take it backpacking, camping, the beach or any trip.

Goal Zero Solar Charging Kit

I was sold on the fact that I would be able to recharge my phone or camera anywhere. Its compactness and light weight made it the plausible choice. 11.2 ounces total.

Ready to take it with me on trips moving forward.

>>$$69.93 – @REI

Click here to read more on specs or buy for 30% off. Regular price is $99.95.

>>Read more on GOALZERO here.

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