My Picks – May 2015

  1. Connect Tree Tent – Tentsile LTD

>> >>I was browsing through on Instagram and came across a picture that I couldn’t pass by. It was of a young woman @taylormichaelburk who had a bikini on and was sitting in this hammock-like thing above a creek. Once I took a look at it more, I noticed that it was actually a tent that connects to trees and well I just have to have it.


So, I went online and read a little more about the company that makes them and while it isn’t an everyday item, it would be one of those toys that would add to my collection of camping gear. One of these days I’ll get to buying it. Adding to my bucket list of toys to buy.

>>$495.00 – @tentsile & @REI

Read more here on the specs: and

  1. evrgrn Campfire Rocker

>> >>I went onto REI today and saw this on the main page. Well, of course I just had to look more into it. So, I imagined myself using this by the fire this weekend since I’m going camping near Hume Lake. How cool would it be to sit by the fire rocking away instead of falling over because you were rocking on a regular camp chair? And no that has not happened to me #yesitdid.

evrgrn camping rocking chair

Looking more into this Campfire Rocker, I had not known that evrgrn was REI’s new brand. See more on the launching here: Well, of course I didn’t hear of the brand, it launched today; DUH! #BetterOutHere #evrgrn

Washington is known as the Evergreen state, what better way to name the company evrgrn as all the gear is manufactured here.

>>$99.00 – @REI

“Get rocking” and read more on the specs here:

  1. evrgrn 24 Pack Backpack Cooler

>> >>evrgrn has topped my search today for the picks of the month. There’s been more than 24 times that we go camping and it just not that easy to carry around that 24 pack or even food from our camp to the lake, etc. Most coolers you have to drag in the dirt, mud, or even in your hands. Well, this guy just made it easier and I’m putting it on my list for camping gear I want to buy.

evrgrn 24 pack backpack cooler

This obviously isn’t backpacking gear, but being an obsessive camper as well these small inventions just bring comfort, 24 times the comfort!

>>$75.00 – @REI

If you want “a cooler way to carry a case” read more on specs here:

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