My Picks – November 2016

1. Smartwool NTS 250 Long Underwear Bottoms

> >>that base layer you buy for a cold night when camping or a day out on the slopes.


I have an icebreaker base layer that I usually use when I go into the backcountry or snowboard, but it was the only one I had. Since having other Smartwool gear, I decided to try out a couple of bottoms from them as they were on sale. Buy = happy with it.


A couple weeks ago I set out to summit Cucamonga Peak. We began hiking at 6:00am, which also meant that it was still dark outside for at least a half hour and colder than the normal SoCal hot summer day. During most of the hike I wore them until about 9:30am as it got a little bit warmer. Either way during the time I did wear them, I did not sweat much in them; which helped because when it did get a bit windy on the ascent, I didn’t get cold.

For more on Smartwool products:

>>$$69.95 – @reigarage
>>$$69.95 – @smartwool

2. Flexware Coffee Drip

>> >>that item you pack because you want a freshly brewed coffee in the middle of nowhere courtesy of #getcairn

Every month I pay for a subscription to a Cairn Package. On the 15th of a month I usually get 3-4 surprises in the mail in a box. I don’t get to pick these items, I just gave Cairn what I am interested in and they hand pick items that get sent to customers. Last month I received the Coffee Drip and being that normally I always take instant coffee on my trips, I was quite excited to have an item like this.


Works just like an actual coffee pot so if you have a jetboil, throw this in next to it and take some ground coffee and enjoy yourself a nice cup of coffee in the morning by the lake. Works with the #2 cone filter, I would take one or two depending on how long your trip is.

What’s nice about these packages are you might receive an item that you would have never found on your own, something you probably could have used, something you probably would have loved to eat on your hike, something that may have lit up your camping trip. I recommend it, so far I have kept every item from the packages (7 months in), well except the bars ate. I obviously didn’t keep those. If you’d like to subscribe to the package click here:

For more on USTbrands products:

>>$$4.99 – @ustbrands

3. DeLorme inReach Explorer Satellite Messenger

>> >>that electronic item that you wouldn’t mind taking on outdoor adventures with you to make those around you worry less

This product I have not bought yet, but I do have a friend who takes it on our backpacking trips. So far the only thing I’ve had on a backpacking/hiking trips was my gps (Garmin). This was helpful that it had a built-in navigation, routing, etc. but I could not communicate with anyone if somehow I would run into danger.


1. Pairs with your mobile device on a contract-free month-to-month plan (annual is available as well)
2. Able to share rout online ahead of time for family and friends to follow along if they want
3. Can send and receive messages
4. Lightweight it’s 6.7 ounces

I’m looking forward to getting it soon! If you are interested see more specs/buy here:

For more DeLorme products click here:

>>$$379.95 – @REI
>>$$379.95 – @delormegps
>>$$379.95 – @backcountry

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