My Picks – October 2016

1. Luzon 18L Daypack DEL DIA

> >>that backpack you take on a day hike or a backpacking trip

I have a couple day packs already, but this one is by far the most comfortable one I have used. I didn’t actually go out and buy it, but I received it one month in my #getcairn package. It was quite the surprise, mainly because it was a square object when it arrived in my package.


When I opened it up I was surprised to find a backpack. It only weights .66 lbs; super ultralight compared to the other two day packs I own. I couldn’t wait to get this out on the trail. I’ve used it on two hikes so far both which consisted of hiking more than 8 miles. I was able to fit so much inside of it. I didn’t even feel it on my back like the other backpacks. I am going to take it on my next backpacking trip for use on a day hike. Below is a picture of the last time I wore it on a day hike.


Couple of the features I love are:
1. Its hydration sleeve inside that fit my 2.5 L hydration bladder just perfect.
2. Its ultralight – even its shoulder straps are made out of mesh.

Something to know before you decide to buy this item is that no 2 daypacks are alike; this means that you cannot request specific colors.

For more on Cotopaxi products:

>>$$49.95 –
>>$$49.95 – @rei

2. SmartWool NTS 250 Reversible Pattern Headband

>> >>that headband you buy to keep your ears cozy without having to take your hair out of a pony tail


At first I bought this as a present for my sister for Christmas. The moment I saw her wear it I know that I would want it for myself too. I waiting a few months and was on REI Outlet checking some deals out and there it was 35% off. They have a variety, but this certain one/color was on sale.

The first time I used it was when I did Cactus to Clouds. The best part of using it was that even when I was very sweaty, the headband didn’t feel completely wet. I would take it off for a moment and it would dry quickly. There are some headbands that are just so tight on your head when you wear sunglasses with them, this was perfectly comfortable and even after wearing it over 10 miles still did not bother my ears. The picture below is of our Mt. Whitney hike.

Mt. Whitney 2 001

For more on Smartwool products:

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>>$$22.00 – @rei

3. LifeStraw Water Filter

>> >>that water filter someone gets you because they know you’re a gear addict

Why? It weighs only 2 oz. It’s compact. It contains no chemicals. I received my LifeStraw as a present from a friend as a goodbye present. I must say she pretty much guessed exactly right that I didn’t have a LifeStraw. I do have a lot of gear already and I carry a Katadyn filter usually when I hike as my water filter.


I haven’t used it yet, but for all the reasons above I recommend it.

Did you know that for every purchase of a LifeStraw, part of the funds are donated to LifeStraw Community institutional water purifiers in schools in Africa? Since 2005 they have been supplying LifeStraws overseas.

For more LifeStraw products click here:

>>$$19.95 – @LifeStraw
>>$$19.95 – @rei

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