My Picks – September 2016

1. Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping pad

> >>that mat you get because it’s small, light and comfy.

I’ve had a different kind of Therm-a-Rest for years and it was about time for me to upgrade as I am a more frequent backpacker than I used to be. Being that I wasn’t that comfortable on the other mat and it seemed to deflate after one use; I started to research what was out there. Checked out a bunch of lightweight backpacker’s comments and came upon a few PCT thru-hikers using this mat. I was first convinced by one of my backpacker buddies to go with it.



First time I used it was back at the end of June for my Mt. Whitney Trip and boy did I sleep amazing on it; or did I sleep amazing because I had just trekked for 16 miles. Again used it for a 5 day trip and I slept incredibly every night.

I’m very happy with this buy. Click here to read more on specs and buy.

>>$159.95 – @REI
>>$159.95 –

2. See to Summit Alpha Light Spoon Long

>> >>that spoon you buy because your shorter regular spoon didn’t make it all the way to the bottom of your freeze dried meal without getting food all over your fingers.


Most freeze dried bags that you take on your backpacking trips don’t fit the normal sized spoon. If you’ve ever had this problem I would recommend this product not only to not get your hand all dirty with food, but for its very light capacity. It weighs just 0.4 oz.

View more Sea to Summit products here:
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>>$8.95 – @REI

3. Snow Peak Titanium Double Wall 450 Mug / Snow Peak Thermal Lid for Titanium Double-Wall Mug

>> >>that mug you buy so you can enjoy your cup of coffee in the early morning by the lake you just hiked to the night before.

I’ve run through many different cups, used my jetboil cover, even a small plastic cup, but nothing like this one. My favorite part of the day is waking up and having a nice cup of coffee while enjoying whatever view we happened to be located near.

If you decide to get the cup, I would buy the lid as well for it at the same time. Really there isn’t much of a weight change if you buy both together. The mug itself is weighs 4.2 oz.; the reason it’s so light is because it’s made out of corrosion-resistant titanimum; this mean it withstands damage and protects against degradation. The lid is only $4.95 more, weighing only 1.1 oz. keeping your drink warm longer than without it.

I bought this for our 4th of July backpacking trip this year and not only did I use it for my lovely coffee in the mornings, but we used it for an afternoon refreshment and a warm tea before bed. I was very happy buying it and will take it with me on all backpacking trips and even day-hikes that are longer in case I may need a warm tea to warm up, etc.

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>>$29.95 – @REI
>>$4.95 – @REI

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