Sequoia – Get in the Trunk

When I said till next time Seqouias, we didn’t know we were going to return in two weeks.  So it turned out to be next time, this time!

I don’t know how to explain, why we keep going back here!  The pictures I’m sure explain all.  We did it again, we rented a car and this was definitely a test drive, for the car I may get.  Even made sure if two people fit in the trunk, well they do!  We arrived at 1:00 am on Saturday, luckily cutting off 30 minutes of the trip by going up the back way, which is a secret!  

Saturday we had many adventures, one of which consisted of trying to find a place to fish.  Guess what happened…  Yes, we found nothing!  So we ended up just hanging out on the side of Bear Meadow Creek, which was about .5 miles from our campground.  We wanted to get in the water, but the cold rushing water was a little more than we could handle. 

Went for a ride down to Hume Lake as well, found that we’d rather hang out at our small campground area and play some taboo, make taco salad and acquire scratches all over by gathering wood for the night by the fire!  This time around as you can see in the pictures, we didn’t have to wear 10,000 layers of clothing because it was a lot warmer during the day and even at night!

Note: Next time look up what we want to do during the day, so we don’t spend hours figuring it out. Though just being in the wilderness isn’t bad.


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