Tokopah Falls

Where: Lodgepole, Sequoia National Park
Mileage: 3.7 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Recommended: snack by the falls

Ah, why not rent a car for 3 days and go up to the Sequoias? After this trip, I’ll do it anyday, but in time the job will allow me to buy a car that can take us more miles then we already do

After a couple days of camping, before we went home we decided to go hiking to see a waterfall. This also meant that we needed to take the 198 down all the way to the 99, which is not quite the fastest way home. Well, we wanted the adventure and took that route to Tokopah Falls a 3.7 mile round-trip hike.

It was moderately easy and there was a high amount of snow for being the first weekend of June. With many areas that come close to the river, the landscape of the mountains around us gave a setting that made us think we would never see the falls. But after an hour and half we could see the falls through an opening in the trees. It looked so small from there until we got closer and closer.

A couple of the hikers said that they had seen a bear with two cubs crossing the falls. We didn’t get there in time, but as we were eating lunch still looked around everywhere on the mountain next to the falls to maybe see a bear with its cubs. The one animal that came in sight on this hike was a beaver, looking for something to play with it looked like.

We could have gone further up closer to the falls, but we weren’t prepared for all the snow. We decided to head down the mountain and did this in half the time because it was starting to sprinkle. The rain never came, but we enjoyed this afternoon stroll and headed on for a 5 hour drive home.

Till next time Sequoias!


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