Escondido they were

Where: Escondido Canyon Park, Malibu
Mileage: 3.5miles
Difficulty: Easy
Recommended: Early morning, Spring after rain

3.5 miles total. That’s it, but still it was wonderful. Escondido Falls are in Malibu and today there were so many people. We actually recommend going early in the morning or during the week, unless you really want to run into Disneyland’s long lined traffic or hear people’s life stories.

I came back with my shoes completely stained from mud and plus we had to cross the creek about 5 times and guess who fell in the water. Yes, I admit it I slipped and my shoes got all wet then muddy. I’m not complaining at all, just stating a fact that you need to wear the right shoes not to slip. Tennies do not work on a hiking trail like this!

Once you get to the first waterfall, 50 foot, the waterfall looks beautiful with the moss giving it a little flavor. We were nervous there wouldn’t be enough water, but THERE WAS. It was perfect! After a steep climb up we found a second waterfall that was smaller. We hit a traffice jam on the hike right before the steepest climb. Reason: only one rope and just enough space for people to go one at a time. We weren’t quite ready for the mud that we got all over our shoes; next time we’ll actually wear hiking boots. We finally reached the last waterfall and had some mate with lemon juice in it. People obviously looked at us funny, not knowing what we were drinking.

The way down was amusing using the rope and swinging on trees. We made one mistake of going down a dead-end trail; it didn’t really matter because we added a little mileage and it ended at a river. If you’re reading this and you live in Southern California, this is a must do hike! It’s a perfect little getaway for a few hours. GO!


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