Lagern, Switzerland

Lagern – Ridge from Baden to Dielsdorf

I didn’t know what to expect from this hike, but was extremely pleased and in awe at how beautiful it was. The walk was spent mostly on a ridge, with lots of forest around us. Take caution on this trail, you will need some good shoes that can handle rocks & boulders. Baden is known for its significant prehistoric and Roman ruins.

From Baden after you cross the river, the stairs take you to a castle called Schartenfels. From there, there isn’t much of an elevation gain, just an obstacle of boulders and rocks. We didn’t have our hiking boots- tennis shoes were sufficient enough, but we were still slipping. Despite the faultiness of our shoes, the view became more and more abundant as the skies cleared up.

The only point of a panoramic view in all directions was when we reached the castle Lagerenhom, where benches were put out for those who needed a breather, or just wanted to sit down to eat and enjoy the breathtaking view. The view includes the Alps, Black Forest and the Hegau.

Baden is in the canton of Aargau, and during this hike we cross into another canton, Zurich. At this point we were walking on the narrowest part of the ridge, where we were lead through the ruins of the castle.

After some time walking through the woods, we ran into some people who were cooking bratwurst on an open fire, but we kept going and ended up at a hut, where they serve beer and food. Yes! We definitely had a beer with Lemon Fanta called Panasch in Swiss German. I remember drinking something like this in Spain called Clara. After the nice cold beer we saw another lookout point, which didn’t have a complete panoramic view, but still well worth to see.

We headed down another way through the forest and into the country-side, where flock were eating grass in the beating sun and vineyards were miles to be seen.

Note to self: Don’t wear tennis shoes on a hike actually wear hiking boots; though when you’re travelling you might not be able to take hiking boots with you.

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