Lucerne and Wipkingen Park

Yet another bright and early morning. Lucerne oh, Lucerne, you were so beautiful to us.  Lucerne is the capital of the Canton of Lucerne. Because of it’s location on Lake Lucerne, my sister and I couldn’t help but sit by the lake for hours on end and eat lunch with University students. If you’ve been to Lucerne and didn’t do that, then you didn’t visit Lucerne.

Enjoying our quick snack of bread and ham, we were enchanted by the sight of the Swiss Alps: Mount Pilatus and Rigi. Before heading to lunch we decided to take a walk across Chapel Bridge, this is when I lost my sister. How can you lose your sister, I mean she looks like you, but because of the two different ways across the bridge, we ended up taking different paths and for about 5 minutes, I was the loneliest I’ve been on this trip. This wooden bridge wasn’t able to keep us apart for any longer, we finally found eachother and proceeded to the otherside, where there was an abundance amount of little cafes along the riverfront.

After an enormous amount of walking, we decided to head to a new destination, but could not figure out where. We finally decided to head home to Wipkingen.

This was the day that we ended up at a store back in Wipkingen and made our way to riverside to the park and had a nice beer, while watching the kids who got off of school loiter by the river. Few hours later, we knew our sister was home, so we made out way up to her flat and awaited our next adventure.

Note: Do not go without a plan to any city, or else you’ll end up trying to figure out everything.


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