Shipreck Trail

Where: Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes
Mileage: 5.0 miles
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Recommended: Lots of Water,
good shoes for ankles,
bathing suit

This hike we started late afternoon in order to watch the sunset by the end and boy did we time it right. 2:45 pm we headed down the trail. Be careful when you go down because the hill is very slippery, or you can take the easy way down, a little dirt trail. We instead took the harder way down, but were next to the ocean the entire time.

After a bit of scrambling on the rocks, we saw more and more ship parts. Took some time to get there, but made it and played some prop games for a little with the objects laying around. After a little break we climbed up the cliff and took the road at the top all the way back to the car just in time to watch the sunset from above. One of the clearest days ever, we were able to see the mountains, downtown and the ocean in one scene. It is rare, but it is well worth to be there when the sun is reflecting off the skyscrapers.

Note to self: Take sun screen and bring lunch.

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