Sullivan Canyon

Where: Sullivan Canyon
Mileage: 7.5 miles
Difficulty: Medium
Recommended: Hiking shoes, lots of water

This time my sister got to pick where we were going and she decided to go into a place that looked like just the backyard of a neighborhood. It could easily be our morning run/walk if we lived close to it. We hit the trail and it was paved for a while. There were lots of hikers, runners & bikers on this trail- definitely a fun place to go for an afternoon picnic or road biking.

It took us obviously longer on the way, then on the way back. The uphill climb was about 1,000 ft, and when we got to the top of the fireroad, we decided to have some lunch on top and see a 270 degree view of the city below us. By that time the sun came out and we sat on a ledge overlooking the city.

We headed back down and made it back to our car within an hour. But the best part of the hike was not till the end, when we found an old swinging rope and preceded to try it out. Then walked a little further and found an old sycamore tree that had a swing on it. We definitely made our way over to the swing and both got our turns. After a few minutes we decided to head back over to the car and go home.

Note: There were a lot of pipes on the road and lots of road bikers. If you go earlier in the morning you won’t hit these, but get to the top after the sun is out and you’ll enjoy a nice afternoon picnic with a great view below.


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