Week 18 – 1000 Mile Challenge

Do it for the mountains!

Somehow last week I found the time to run the most I’ve run in a week this year. I only had 4 days to do it too as Friday and Saturday I played beach volleyball and Sunday was my day off. A challenging week and my body was dead on Sunday; day off was very nice.

I started going to the gym at lunch at least twice a week for that extra 3+ mile; which will help on days that I don’t run as that is the mileage I should be running every day. My beach volleyball game also got better this week and I can say 100% it’s because the legs are getting stronger from running. Still have yet to bring back weights into my regimen.

One of the things I was going to hold myself to is no matter what hitting the 21+ mark even if I have to do it in 3 days. To hit my May 100 mile goal, I have to run 76.04 more miles this month. I will try as hard as I can to hit that goal. I’m going to be going backpacking this weekend, so I don’t have the weekend to catch up on mileage for running at least, but I’ll be adding to my hiking mileage!

Goals Last Week
1. Hit 25 miles on Week 18 – ACHIEVED with 30.57 miles
2. Hit 100 miles in May – Still running towards this goal (76.04 miles left)
3. Run 3 times during lunch this week – Ran twice during lunch
4. Get a weekend run in since I’m home, maybe both days – no run over weekend as I played volleyball both Friday and Saturday.

Goals This Week
1. Hit 21 miles on Week 19
2. Hit 100 miles in May
3. Get a double day in

This Week: 30.57 miles
Last Week: 22.17 miles
Avg min/mile: 11:14
Miles Left: 737.99 miles

Date Mileage Ran Total Mileage Mileage Left
5/3 5.0 262.01 737.99
5/3 3.3 257.01 742.99
5/2 7.15 253.71 746.29
5/1 5.23 246.56 753.44
5/1 3.28 241.33 758.67
4/30 6.61 238.05 761.95

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