Week 19 – 1000 Mile Challenge

— Thoughts on Week —

Last week I was so sore from playing volleyball Friday and Saturday I ended up taking both Monday and Tuesday off. This required me to try to hit my goal of 21+ miles within 3 days. Wednesday my run felt very exhausting, but I was able to get 7 miles in to help meet my goal. I knew that Thursday would have to be a double day because Friday night I had volleyball planned. I pushed hard went to run during lunch and ran near my house after work hitting the most mileage I’ve done this year in a day (9.46 miles). Friday, I decided to get at least a short run in during lunch and was able to almost hit 20 miles. This was a tough week to hit that goal.

I spent the weekend backpacking up in San Gorgonio Wilderness; we did 22.4 miles (sucks I can’t count this mileage because it’s hiking, but I’ve added it to my Mileage Page for hikes) and I’ll have that write-up shortly almost finished with the guide for it. I am pretty sure because of being absolutely sore from this hike this week is going to be a very hard week. It’s going to be one of those weeks where I have to keep going, my motto is “Do it for the mountains!” on this journey and getting through the soreness will help when we’re up there. I can’t give up when I’m hiking because then I won’t get anywhere; I can’t give up at home and not run. Push hard, do it for the mountains!

— 100 Miles in 30 Days —

If you have been following, when I got to 200 miles I set a goal of hitting the next 100 miles in 30 days. I’m sitting 81.87 miles in 25 days. I have 5 more days this next coming week to hit the 100 and I believe that I can easily do it this week. We’ll find out won’t we. See my Daily Log Page for my 1000 Miles Challenge in 2018.

— Goals Last Week —

1. Hit 21 miles on Week 19 – didn’t quite hit this goal, but close to it.
2. Hit 100 miles in May – I’m sitting at 53.97 miles; still doing good
3. Get a double day in – got one double day in on Thursday.

— Goals This Week —

1. Hit 30 miles on Week 20
2. Hit 100 miles in May
3. Get two double days in
4. Run once on the weekend

— Stats —

This Week: 19.86 miles
Last Week: 30.57 miles
Avg min/mile: 11:32
Miles Left: 718.13 miles

Date Mileage Ran Total Mileage Mileage Left
5/11 3.4 281.87 718.13
5/10 6.2 278.47 721.53
5/10 3.26 272.27 727.73
5/9 7 269.01 730.99

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